Project Scheduling Glossary

project scheduling glossary

Do you want to become the most demanded “planner” in the market? So, you must know the meaning of a lot of terms, acronyms, and technicalities that you are going to find in your work-life for sure. To help you, here is this PROJECT SCHEDULING GLOSSARY!

We have created for you the most complete scheduling glossary on the internet. We have done it through a series of entertaining videos so that you can have fun while you learn.

Now is the time to put your batteries on and change that face you get when you read or talk about WBS, EVM, Completion Milestone, etc.!

Why this Project Scheduling Glossary is for you?

Actually, it interests us more than you. Let’s explain.

whether you are already or are thinking about becoming a member of our community, we are interested that we all speak the same language. That is why we have decided to create some videos and so every time you have doubts about a term, you can easily access the explanatory video.

And it is that those of us who have been dedicated to Project Planning and Control for a long time, have all these terms already burned and we can assume that everyone knows what we are talking about.

We promise not to take anything for granted and explain everything to you in a clear and entertaining way!

Enjoy this glossary!